Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore

Hello and welcome!

My name is Thomas, and I am a kayaker with over a decade of experience and the owner of PrimeKayak.com.

The water, the silence, paddling in a new place, enjoying the wonders of nature—these are the things I like about kayaking.

However, at the beginning of my kayaking adventure, I had a lot of difficulties. I didn’t know which kayak to choose, I didn’t know the correct technique of paddling, I didn’t know what I should wear, and I had difficulties with transportation and storing my kayak.

It took a long time to solve these difficulties and learn all the skills of kayaking.

This blog was created to help people who want to start kayaking and answer questions that can arise at the beginning of kayaking.

And also, this blog is for experienced kayakers who want to expand their knowledge or find new cool gloves.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and learn a lot of useful things!

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