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Is Kayaking Fun? A Deep Dive Into The Thrill Of Paddling


by Thomas Moore

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Is kayaking fun? The answer is definitely yes! However, for beginners or people looking for a new pastime or community to join, you may not be sure. 

For us paddling veterans, we know that kayaking is fun. So, let’s show you just how fun kayaking can be and why you should probably start kayaking as soon as possible.

First, if you are fit enough to kayak, you are most likely fit enough to bike, hike, climb the stairs, take ten thousand steps, and do other basic daily outdoor activities. 

Which will only translate into basic health and wellness. There are many reasons why you would want to kayak. 

You can kayak to be with friends, kayak for team building, kayak to be in nature, kayak for exercise, kayak for peace and quiet, kayak for adventure, etc. 

Kayaking is a fun activity

Why Is Kayaking Fun? Reasons

Adventure And Exploration

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin, USA
Apostle Islands, Wisconsin, USA

There’s no experience like discovering a new place. A place that is new to you can be incredible, with new sights, sounds, and smells. 

Imagine floating down a river in a country or town that you’ve only seen in pictures. The idea of the unknown can be exhilarating. 

Kayaking opens up this opportunity for adventure because there are extremely famous kayak tours across the world that have almost become pilgrimages for water adventurers. 

There are tours for all experience levels; in Norway, Sardinia (Italy), Sweden, Croatia, South America, etc.     

Physical Activity

Kayaking is good for your physical activity

The beautiful thing about kayaking is that it can offer numerous benefits for physical fitness, including building core muscles, enhancing shoulders, and engaging your leg muscles. 

It is also a cardiovascular exercise, making it great for heart health. However, you need to keep hydrated, especially in hot summers. 

The benefits of good exercise in general are great endurance, improved sleep, and reduced stress, which regular paddling will give you. 

The awesome thing about kayak paddling is that because of the thrill of the adventure or preoccupation with catching fish, you will be exercising without realizing it. 

This makes it more interesting than going to the gym, unless that is an interest of yours. 

Peace And Relaxation

Kayaking is a relaxing activity

Arguably, nature is the most relaxing place to be. This is why countries make great efforts to preserve natural landscapes or create parks in urban areas. 

Paddling offers the unique experience of floating on water in the wilderness. When you sit in your kayak on flat water, soaking up the atmosphere, your mind can wander as you enjoy the moment. 

Fishing or bird watching are activities that you can do because they don’t require too much effort. The surrounding greenery and wildlife stand out even more up close. 

The unique sounds and scents of nature can create beautiful experiences that are good for your mental health. All these feelings keep us coming back.

The Social Aspect Of Kayaking

Group Kayaking

Kayaking with friends

Kayaking is a beautiful activity because you can enjoy it in almost all seasons. Now, cold weather paddling is not encouraged, but it is known to be done. 

If you feel you must attempt it, please do so with a friend or a group with proper planning for safety and emergencies. 

In fact, kayaking in a group is highly encouraged, as it can be more fun and safer. Also, it is best to stick with known trails in the Spring and Summer. 

It is highly possible to take the whole family, too. Make sure you plan for each individual’s needs. 

Kayaking Communities

If you want nice, consistent fun, joining a group of kayakers could be the best thing. 

Just like a club for any other activity, kayaking clubs can be a great place to meet new people passionate about paddling. 

These clubs can be an excellent place for lessons as a beginner and to pick up tips and tricks for more advanced paddlers.

Also, you can learn about and join expeditions to some of the most beautiful, must visit places across the globe. 

Wherever you are in the world, you can look online or in local directories. Check out, American Canoe Association, Reddit, Facebook groups, Gopaddling in Britain, etc.     

Kayaking For All Ages

Kayaking is an activity for everyone, young and old. It is a fun way to experience the world while being active, great for a novice, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between.

Fun For Kids

A young girl kayaking

You can introduce young children to kayaking in flat water, which can be a safe and controlled environment. 

You want to make sure that your child understands the importance of safety guidelines in a fun way as they wear life jackets and other safety equipment. 

The benefits of kayaking for kids are numerous. They can learn about nature and appreciate it. 

Paddling trips for children foster cooperation, teamwork, and listening skills through challenging activities. 

They can stimulate their minds, learn safety procedures, and soak up the natural environment.

Paddling can be an excellent activity for kids, as it can provide the structure to learn key life lessons while having fun with friends and family. 

The Adult Appeal

Paddling for adults is similar to what kids need but with more immediate goals. 

Adults are usually dealing with the stresses of life at different stages of adulthood; bills, career concerns, relationship dramas, etc. 

Adults want immediate fun to distract from issues or achieve lifelong exploration goals, potentially addressing lifelong issues.

Kayaking adventures are great ways to meet friends, exercise, relax, or stimulate the mind or soul. These are just a few things you can have if you have a paddling lifestyle. 

Apart from being fun, kayaking can be an incredible wellness activity that is not so expensive and is an indicator of general wellbeing. 

Kayaking In The Golden Years

Senior citizens can enjoy kayaking in calm environments with sit-on-top or recreational kayaks, which offer comfortable seating and easier water access.

Just as paddling is an excellent leisure activity for kids and adults, it offers the same value for senior citizens. Their interests would be social and physical health. 

If practiced correctly, that is, with the right size kayak, paddles, and safety gear for seniors, kayaking can be a rewarding sport.

Paddling can offer a lot of relaxation time, especially fishing and observing nature. Senior citizens are usually retired and have a lot of spare time. 

Senior citizens can join paddling clubs to meet others and create structured time with their children or grandchildren, reducing boredom and fostering social connections.

Tips To Enhance The Fun In Kayaking

Planning your kayaking adventure, like any other activity, may make it more enjoyable. 

One method to do this is to find a group of friends or family that enjoy kayaking. In this manner, you may visit new areas with someone to share the experience. 

Another way to improve your enjoyment of kayaking is to join a club or take part in tournaments. This is a great chance to meet new people and gain knowledge about the sport.

Finally, maintaining your kayak can help guarantee that you have a safe and fun voyage every time you hit the water.

Selecting The Right Kayak For Maximum Enjoyment

There are many methods for selecting the right kayak for your needs. However, I recommend you keep it simple with these key steps. 

Where? Where will you kayak on a river? Lake? Sea or Ocean? The type of body of water will determine what type of kayak you will use. 

There are two major types of kayaks; sit-inside and sit-on-top vessels. Again, choosing between the sleeker sit-inside and the robust sit-on-top kayaks will help you narrow down your choice. 

The final step is to decide which type of kayaking you want to do. Naturally, the type of body of water helps with this. 

Coastline waters are best matched with sea and touring kayaks, requiring skillful paddlers for sleek, long, sit-inside experiences.

On a calm lake, a recreational or fishing kayak with gear and accessories can provide comfort and convenience.

How to select a kayak for maximum enjoyment

Essential Gear to Improve Your Kayaking Experience

You require the proper equipment for paddling. A kayak, paddle, life jacket, helmet, spray skirt (sit-inside), dry bag, sun protection, and first-aid kit are all required items. 

To guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience, choose the correct gear depending on your needs. You will need to consider your kind of kayaking, your budget, and read reviews. 

Choose your kayaking style, budget, and need for sun protection. You can have a safe and awesome adventure by planning ahead and getting the most fitting equipment.

Safety Considerations to Ensure a Worry-Free Adventure

Life jackets are needed for kayaking

It is extremely essential to take care to guarantee a safe experience paddling. 

Wear a life jacket, plan your kayaking trip within your ability level, and check the weather forecast. 

Establish a float plan, dress for immersion, paddle in a group, be alert of your surroundings, and avoid intoxication before or during the trip. 

Additionally, in cold water, wear a wetsuit or drysuit, a helmet in whitewater, a torch or headlamp at night, and notify someone of your location and estimated return time. 

You can have a safe and awesome adventure by following these safety precautions.


Is kayaking fun? I repeat, the answer is yes, and for all types of people. However, there are ways to make the fun more consistent and eventful. 

In general, exercise, acquiring water skills are great ways to have fun, and even slow relaxation can be fun depending on age and stress levels. 

Kayaking is meant to be a social activity, fit for families with small children and a bunch of buddies of all ages and genders. 

It is a relatively cheap pastime to get kids into. And for older people, it can be a great way to keep the mind and body active. 

To make sure you have maximum fun, you need to have the right gear, from the kayak to the paddles and the safety equipment. 

If you manage to follow these guidelines, it will be easier to make sure you can have maximum enjoyment and continue the thrill of kayak paddling.

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